OZO-3120C V2G Coffee machine 220V/50Hz.


แบรนด์ : Ozo


OZO-3120C V2G Coffee machine 220V/50Hz.

S.S. boilers, 500 ml. boiler for coffee;
7L multi-boiler for steam and hot
58 mm diameter S.S. filter: commercial
rotary vane pump with 9 bar pressure;
Inlet pipe to connect
tap water and drain pipe
to drain water directly.
without plug, only cable.
Size(cm) : 81.6x50.4x56.5
Voltage : 220V50Hz
Power (KW) : 4.2
Packing size (Cm) : 92x60x59
N.W (KG) : 48
G.W (KG) : 54
Color: Black


1 years warranty


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