HUGH Bundle Set A


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This bundle set is for the Leverpresso 2020 & V3 versions.

While all products and pieces are similar to the Leverpresso (2018) Bundle Set pieces, we have made a few modifications and minor upgrades to improve durability and reliability.

The new Water Cylinder, Piston, and Porta-Filters have been redesigned and are now compatible with an Espresso Spout attachment. And the O-rings and Shower Screen have been upgraded to be more durable.

This bundle includes the following versions of the following:

120ml Double Shot Water Cylinder (1)
Piston (1)
Porta-Filter (1)
Espresso Spout (1) - [not photographed]
Shower Screen (1) - [not photographed]
Shower Screen Seal (1)
Clamp Bolt & Nut pair (2)
O-rings (2)
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