Izzo Valchiria Coffee Machine 1G.


แบรนด์ : Izzo


Izzo Valchiria Coffee Machine 1G.

- External Case Polished stainless steel with rounded corners and embedded cup
warmer tank.
- Pressure control Adjustable pressure switch to control boiler pressure and manometer
on the frontal panel of the machine.
- Water level control Electronic control unit for automatic level of water in the boiler
and level indicator on the frontal panel of the machine.
- Steam and Water wands Steam and water wands completely made of anti-burn
insulated stainless steel for a better handling and cleaning.
- Delivery groups : 1 group
- Voltage / Frequency : 220-240V / 50-60Hz
- Power : 1750 watl
- Boiler capacity : 5 liters
- Width : 580 mm
-Depth : 560 mm
- Height : 830 mm
- Net weight : 52 kg


1 year waranty

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